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    Chemical Name:1,2-Benzisothiazolin-3-one (BIT)
    CAS NO.:2634-33-5
    Formula :C7H5NOS
    Molecular Weight :151.1826
    Appearance: White or Light yellow powder
    Assay: 99.0%min
    Melting point: 155-158°C
    Color of Alkali solution: 4max Water: 15±1%
    Chloride: 0.6%max
    Package: Packed by 25kg Paper Drum

    Uses: It is the main industrial sterilization, preservation, preservatives. Outstanding restrain microbe (fungi, bacteria), algae and other microorganisms breeding in organic media, resolved organic products caused by micro-organisms breed mold, fermentation, bad, breaking, smelly, and other issues. Therefore, the BIT is widely used in developed countries latex products, water-soluble resin, paint (latex paint), acrylic acid, polymers. Polyurethane products, photographic lotion, paper, ink, leather, lubricants and other products.

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